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Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolio F.A.Q.


Google Sites


Q: Why did we change the Digital Portfolio Platform?

A: Teacher feedback led the Curriculum Committee to realize that the problems that emerged with Google Sites were too numerous for a teacher to handle, and were frustrating for many students to troubleshoot themselves. The Committee opted to simplify the idea behind Sites by using Google Slides, which allows for flexibility and creativity while also making it simpler for teachers to integrate.


Q: Should my student move their previous years to Google Slides?

A: NO! But they can link Google Sites to their Digital Portfolio on Slides and still access previous information. There will be a tutorial on Schoology for how to link it, and instruction below.


Q: Can’t my students that liked Google Sites use it again?

A: We are deciding as a school to remain uniform in our Portfolio platform. For this reason, we are asking all students to move to Google Slides this year. However, students are NOT required to transport previous portfolios to the new Google Slides Digital Portfolio, but they should link their Sites page if they can.


Accessing Google Slides


Q: How can my students get the new Digital Portfolio Platform?

A: Access the Google Slide Digital Portfolio presentation from the School Website. Students will select the Google Slides Digital Portfolio option on the homepage, then select “Copy.” This will load a blank portfolio on their Google Slides app.


You can find the template here: Finger Pointing RightClick Here


Linking in Google Slides


Q: How can I link other slides and other sites to the Google Slides Digital Portfolio?

A: Select a section of text or an image that you want to link and highlight it blue. iPads will give you a pop-up bar. The black pop-up bar will have the option to link or hyperlink. Select that option and type in the website or slides link that you wish to visit when you click that section of text. You can view the tutorial on Schoology if this was unclear.  


Viewing Slides


Q: How can I see my student’s work on the Portfolio?

A: Instruct your students to share the Google Slides Digital Portfolio with you to your Valley Academy email address. They can access this from the side menu within their Google Slides Digital Portfolio under the “Share and Export” option.


Q: How will I know when I receive it?

A: You can check if you received their Slides in two locations. You will receive an email confirmation that can be flagged for later viewing. You can also go your own Slides app or website and select “Shared with Me.” All student slides should appear in a list there if they have successfully shared it with you.


Q: How can I save multiple Slide shows so I can find them in Drive?

A: When you receive the students’ Google Slides Digital Portfolios, they will all appear in the “Shared with Me” menu on BOTH Slides and Drive. If you visit this location in either app, you can select the slide show’s menu that has three dots … which will give you the option to save to a folder. Select this and it will ask you where you wish to share it, and give you a list of current folders. You can create a new folder, name it, and then place all of your Google Slides Digital Portfolios in this Folder.


The Digital Portfolio Slides Template


Q: How will students know where to find the SLO’s

A: They are labelled within the Template, but if you can’t find it, there is a handy Table of Contents on Slide 2. In presentation mode, you can select any of the SLO’s from there and visit that section of the slideshow.


Q: What about the Guiding Questions for the SLO’s.? They aren’t on the slides.

A: All of the questions appear on only one slide, which is Slide 3 in the Template. Students can copy and paste the questions if they wish, or can be instructed to write freely using the questions as inspiration. It is up to the teacher’s discretion.


Q: How can students insert evidence into their Portfolio?

A: The + sign at the top of the Slides page will open several options for inserting useful pieces of evidence (videos, photos, and websites). Select one of the EVIDENCE slides on the Portfolio Template, then click the + sign at the top of the page to insert any pieces of evidence from the student’s iPad onto that slide.