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Spring Sports

*Please note that schedules for Spring Sports are forthcoming and will published as soon as we have them available.
Softball - Spring 2018
Coach: Richard Sanchez
 Date Time Sport Level Home/Away Opponent Location
3/22/18  02:30PM Softball Varsity Away @Fulton College Prep Fulton
4/5/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Away @Sherman Oaks CES SOCE
4/9/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Home East Valley Petit
4/12/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Away @Northridge Academy Northridge
4/16/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Home Vaughn LC Charter Petit
4/19/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Home @Fulton College Prep Petit
4/23/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Home @Sherman Oaks CES Petit
4/26/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Away East Valley East Valley
4/30/18 02:30PM Softball Varsity Home @Northridge Academy Petit
5/3/18 03:00PM Softball Varsity Away Vaughn LC Charter Sibl
Boys Lacrosse - Spring 2018
Coach: Maria Guerra, Alex Bautista, and Diego Gonzalez
Date Time Sport Level Opponent
3/1/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Birmingham Comm. Chtr
3/12/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Westchester
3/15/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Jordan
3/23/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @North Valley Military Institute
4/3/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Hollywood
4/5/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Westchester
4/10/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Jordan
4/13/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Birmingham Comm. Chtr
4/14/18 12:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Hamilton
4/18/18 04:00PM Lacrosse Varsity @North Valley Military Institute
4/19/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Varsity @Hollywood
Girls Lacrosse - Spring 2018
Coach: Holly Sirotta
Date Time Sport Home/Away Opponent Game Type
3/2/18 06:30PM Lacrosse Away Simi Valley Non League
3/9/18 04:00PM Lacrosse Away La Canada Non League
3/12/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Home North Valley Military Institute League
3/15/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Home Hollywood League
3/22/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Home El Camino Real League
4/6/18 04:30PM Lacrosse Away Palisades Charter League
4/9/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Home Birmingham Comm. Chtr League
4/14/18 11:00am Lacrosse Away Hamilton League
4/16/18 03:30PM Lacrosse Away Hollywood League
4/18/18 02:00PM Lacrosse Away North Valley Military Institute League
Boys Golf - Spring 2018
Coach: Daniel Loscos
Baseball - Spring 2018
Coach: James McFadden
Date Time Sport Away/Home Opponent Location
4/11/18 02:30PM Baseball Away @Fulton College Prep Fulton
4/13/18 02:30PM Baseball Away @Sherman Oaks CES Reseda High
4/18/18 02:30PM Baseball Home @East Valley GHLL
4/20/18 02:30PM Baseball Away @Northridge Academy North Valley Youth Baseball
4/25/18 02:30PM Baseball Home @Vaughn LC Charter GHLL
4/27/18 02:30PM Baseball Home @Fulton College Prep GHLL
5/2/18 02:30PM Baseball Home @Sherman Oaks CES GHLL
5/4/18 02:30PM Baseball Away @East Valley East Valley
5/9/18 02:30PM Baseball Home @Northridge Academy GHLL
5/11/18 02:30PM Baseball Away @Vaughn LC Charter SYBL
Boys Volleyball - Spring 2018
Coach: Jon Bourgault
Date Time Sports Opponent Location Level
03/01/2018 03:30PM Volleyball Westchester @VAAS varsity
03/01/2018 02:30PM Volleyball westchester @VAAS junior varsity
03/12/2018 04:00PM Volleyball Triumph @VAAS varsity
03/12/2018 04:00PM Volleyball Fulton Collage Prep @VAAS junior varsity
03/15/2018 05:00PM Volleyball Fulton Collage Prep @VAAS varsity
03/19/2018 05:30PM Volleyball Sherman Oaks CES @VAAS junior varsity
03/19/2018 06:30PM Volleyball Sherman Oaks CES @VAAS varsity
03/22/2018 02:30PM Volleyball East Valley @East Valley junior varsity
03/22/2018 03:30PM Volleyball East Valley @East Valley varsity
04/05/2018 02:30PM Volleyball Northridge Academy @VAAS junior varsity
04/05/2018 03:30PM Volleyball Northridge Academy @VAAS varsity
04/09/2018 03:00PM Volleyball Vaughn LC Charter @Vaughn LC Charter varsity
04/12/2018 02:30PM Volleyball Fulton Collage Prep @Fulton Collage Prep junior varsity
04/12/2018 03:30PM Volleyball Fulton Collage Prep @Fulton Collage Prep varsity
04/16/2018 02:30PM Volleyball Sherman Oaks CES @Sherman Oaks CES junior varsity
04/16/2018 03:30PM Volleyball Sherman Oaks CES @Sherman Oaks CES varsity
04/19/2018 02:30PM Volleyball East Valley @VAAS junior varsity
04/19/2018 03:30PM Volleyball East Valley @VAAS varsity
04/23/2018 02:30PM Volleyball Northridge Academy @Northridge Academy junior varsity
04/23/2018 03:30PM Volleyball Northridge Academy @Northridge Academy varsity
04/26/2018 06:00PM Volleyball Vaughn LC Charter @VAAS varsity
Cheer - Spring 2018
Coach: Bradley Boleman and Taylor Peyton
Date Time Location
03/03/2018 9:00-3:00 PM @Birmingham HS
04/07/2018 9:00PM @Vaughn LC Charter
04/28/2018 9:00-12:00PM @Birmingham HS
05/12/2018 9:00-1:00PM @Birmingham HS