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Need Wi-Fi Access?

Activate your district e-mail account, then sign into the "LAUSD" wireless network using your user name and password. If you have trouble downloading the Open eBooks app, then perhaps you need to install the district's web certificate to provide better access behind the firewall.

Primary Sources

What Are Primary Sources?
"Primary sources are original documents and artifacts which were created during the time period of study.
 Examples of primary sources:
  • Artifacts (coins, plant specimens, fossils, furniture, tools, clothing; all from the time under study)
  • Audio recordings (radio programs, podcasts)
  • Diaries
  • Internet communications on email
  • Interviews (oral histories, telephone, email)
  • Journal articles in peer-reviewed publications
  • Letters
  • Newspapers written at the time
  • Original documents (birth certificate, will, marriage license, trial transcript)
  • Patents
  • Photographs
  • Proceedings of meetings, conferences and symposia
  • Records of organizations, government agencies (annual report, treaty, constitution, government document)
  • Speeches (including transcripts)
  • Survey research (market surveys, public opinion polls)
  • Video recordings (television programs)
  • Works of art, architecture, literature, and music (paintings, sculptures, musical scores, buildings, novels, poems)
  • Web site


Library Information



  • Students are welcome to use the library during non-class time.  
  • To use the library during class, you must have a pass with your name, date and time, and teacher's signature. 
  • Teachers should send students with a pass that has all names the pass.
Class visits:
  • Teachers may schedule time for class visits, collaboration sessions, and orientations by with Mrs. Kidwell via email, phone, or in person.
Clubs and Events:
  • Clubs and special events may contact Mrs. Kidwell via email, phone, or in person to book library facilities. 

Proper Library Behavior

  • Work quietly and be respectful of the other library patrons
  • Handle materials with care to keep our collection diverse and useable.
  • Please do not eat and drink in the library to prevent accidental spills and crumbs.
  • Leave your area clean and return any chairs or materials to their proper place.
  • Materials should be returned at the circulation desk.
  • If you do not know how to use something, please ask for assistance. 
  • If something seems to not be working, please notify the librarian so it may be fixed. 


Loan Period

  • Books: Three materials may be checked out for a period of two weeks
  • Videos/DVDs: One week (Teacher Only)
  • Reference: Library use only


  • Overdue materials are charged $0.10/per day, per item. The maximum fine per item is $5.00. Weekends and holidays (or days the library is closed for events or testing) are not counted in assessing fines.
  • Lost and damaged books will cost the current replacement price of the book, including vendor book-processing fees (the standard cost $30).
  • Damaged: Students must pay the recorded cost of the book for lost or maliciously damaged books.



If the VAAS library does not have the book you are looking for, the public libraries might. You can download ebooks from the Los Angeles Public Library or from the County of Los Angeles Public Library.  You can use Overdrive to access eBooks.  Overdrive allows you to read book on your eReader (Kindle or Nook) or to read it in Overdrive.  
You must have your library card number and your PIN to check out eBooks from either type of library.  Each library has directions on how to borrow eBooks and audiobooks.  Once you borrow a book it is automatically returned on the due date, so you have no late fees.  For more help, see Mrs. Kidwell for help. 
Teachers may also apply online for a library card from LACOE and borrow ebooks and audiobooks from LACOE's elibrary.   The available resources are created especially for educators. 

Library Calendar

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Library Information

Library Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:

7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.



7:30 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.


Closed the 1st 30 minutes of 3rd/7th periods


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