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As an athlete at VAAS, you have EXTRA responsibilities.


You will be allowed to leave class early and miss classes late in the day, BUT you are still responsible for ALL work in your classes. On top of that, you must maintain a 2.5 GPA (no more than 2 Fails) on the 10 and 20-week report cards to be an eligible VAAS student/athlete. 15-week grades are only PROGRESS reports and cannot change eligibility status.


Attendance to all classes, periods 1 – 8, is absolutely necessary for athletes to maintain good grades and to be available to miss class for away contests. Teachers may become frustrated with athletes who have too many absences and may try to prevent an athlete from missing class for a contest. Remember that missing one day of class on a block schedule is the equivalent of missing 2 regular school days.


When a student’s behavior has caused a discipline referral to be generated, a school administrator will meet with the student and assign Do-Over tasks as warranted. VAAS Do-Over tasks will be assigned according to the level of transgression.  Any student on the Do-Over List will be ineligible for athletics until the Do-Over is officially cleared.


Here are some things you must be responsible for: You MUST…

  1. Remember: ACADEMICS FIRST!

  2. If your grade will be affected, you should miss the game, practice or activity. It doesn’t matter if the game will be lost or forfeited; your academics are primary. Your coaches support this completely. 

  3. Be a model citizen in your classes, on and off-campus, and on the field of play. 

  4. Communicate weekly with teachers and be proactive when you miss a class. (ask a friend to take notes on lectures, lessons, labs, etc). Do not disturb other classes to speak with your teacher. Do not interrupt classes by fetching friends or collecting teammates. 

    1. Never ask a teacher "What did I miss?" or "Can you give me all the work from yesterday?" etc. Instead, check Schoology or the syllabus for the class and be ready to ask specific questions like, "I saw on Schoology that we read Othello yesterday and wrote an that something I can make up?"
    2. Never interrupt a teacher during class or right at the beginning of the period. Ask your teacher when there is time for the teacher to give a complete answer and for you to ask questions.
    3. Be grateful, gracious, and respectful. Your absence creates more work for your teacher. Let them know you appreciate their time 

  5. Remember, once a teacher submits a formal complaint that you are missing too much class, you must attend that class until the teacher is satisfied.

  6. Be proactive with your grades. Check Schoology and talk to your teacher often.

  7. Be fully responsible for all projects, especially Advisory Projects (Signature projects, Interdisciplinary projects, Exhibition Night Projects, Digital Portfolios).

    1. Take responsibility for your fair share of group work. Be a full group member.
    2. Be aware of all project timelines and any changes that you want to make must be worked out between you and the teacher well ahead of time.
    3. Be at the project presentation on time and prepared. 
    4. During Signature Project week, you must attend all of it.
    5. In case of extraordinary circumstances that will intrude on the completion of projects the student(s) must make a proposal of alternative means to ESBM to complete the project.