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Re: 2017-2018 Yearbook Student & Parent Contract



Below is an agreement between all Yearbook Staffers and Mr. Padgett. Yearbook is comparable to journalism, and journalism courses are serious, rigorous programs that require much time and dedication. The agreement is a binding agreement that the staffer and parent sign outlining the expectations of the staffer for the school year.


The creation of the VAAS Yearbook requires ample time and effort to meet publication. However, as an advisor, I realize time is a concern for everyone. Staffers don’t have much free time with school and extra-curricular activities. As deadlines approach it may be necessary to put in extra hours outside of the classroom in the form of work at home or after school.


Also, students will be handling expensive equipment, so some form of responsibility and liability needs to be established to protect all involved.




Mr. Padgett, 

[email protected]



By signing below, I am agreeing that…


  1. I understand all the responsibilities that go along with my job.
  1. I understand that I will be working with specialized equipment and supplies and will be held responsible for any damage and/or waste due to negligence.
  1. I understand that I will need to put forth extra effort outside the classroom, as well as after school and occasional workdays (i.e. contacting the interviewed sources, attending school events for coverage, story writing, picture taking, computer work). This time will vary depending on the deadline and how much work I complete beforehand. I realize I am encouraged to complete as much work as possible during the class period set aside for yearbook.
  1. I understand that deadlines are very important to the staff, and it is my responsibility to meet all my deadlines to help the class as a whole meets theirs. I also understand that if I do not make a deadline, I will lose significant points toward my grade.\
  1. If I fail to meet the above standards following the mid-point check, I understand that I will meet with the advisor and the Editorial Leadership Team to discuss a plan for improvement. I realize that if I miss a deadline without a prior extension granted, that I will be put on probation and if I miss another deadline, I will be removed from the yearbook staff for the remainder of the semester.
  1. I am expected to act professionally when serving as a representative of the yearbook and of VAAS itself.
  1. I understand that I am to have fun, as well as learn, while participating on the yearbook staff.


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I am aware that my child has joined the VAAS Yearbook Staff.  I am aware of the time and effort involved. I am aware of the requirements my child will have. I am also aware that this is an excellent opportunity for my child and they will be experiencing a more active learning than what you normally find in other classes, and they will learn how to be responsible, learn decision making strategies, and learn how to effectively work with a team.



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