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VAAS Scholars Dual Enrollment

Yes! I want to take college classes!
VAAS has partnered with Los Angeles City College to offer dual enrollment classes during the school day (VAAS Scholars) and afterschool. Students who are enrolled at LACC can take classes anywhere in the Los Angeles Community College District. It's like LACC is your VAAS, but you can take classes anywhere in LAUSD.
Because of our partnership with LACC, their counselors assist VAAS with enrollment and student issues. If you enroll at another community college as your home school (like VAAS), we cannot communicate on your behalf. If your home school is another community college, we can assist with the transfer to LACC.
Although students are not required to enroll at LACC for their home school, we strongly recommend it for the additional support LACC provides VAAS students.
Something to keep in mind, dual enrollment classes are only open to high school students. Regular classes are open to all college students, including adults, other high school students, and even your parents (if they want to take the class with you!).
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Petrossian at
Let's get started.
1. Enroll in college- 1st time College Student
New Community College Student Video - Step By Step Application Process
Step By Step - Powerpoint Slides
Step By Step - One Pager
2. What classes should I take?
Always choose classes that interest you!
LACC College Catalog - Course descriptions, pre-requisites, and college policies HERE
IGETC - Similar to A-G for community college
What classes count for HS and college? HERE
3. How to Look for College Classes - What do you want to study?
How to Search for College Classes with your College ID (900#)  HERE
How to Search for College Classes with No College ID (900#) HERE
4. Submit Dynamic Form - I know what I want to study! Required - College ID (900#)
Step by Step - Dynamic Form (Permission to Enroll) HERE
Dynamic Forms Video HERE
5. Enrolling Yourself - This is college!
How to Enroll in an LACC College Classes HERE
How to Enroll in a class at another college (not LACC) HERE
How to Add a Concurrent Enrollment Course (not dual enrollment - regular college class) HERE
Logging in to your portal for the 1st Time Video
Portal Login  HERE
6. Am I enrolled? How will I know?
How to check enrollment HERE
7. Now what? How to Navigate Your Portal
Step-by-Step for new college students HERE
Logging in to your portal for the 1st Time Video
Portal Login  HERE
How to check your college email Video
How to navigate Canvas (Schoology for colleges) Video
* Search Youtube Videos for Canvas (how to submit assignments, how to email teachers, how to....)
8. Transcripts (Required annually)
How to Order Transcripts (Same for all LACCD community colleges) HERE
Step-by-step directions - Parchment HERE
How to Order Through Student Portal HERE
***Screenshot confirmation at the end. Email to Ms. Barba -**

***Students will not be approved for new college classes without confirmation of transcript request.***


2020-2021 VAAS College Scholars Program
LA City College Application
Congratulations on your acceptance to the VAAS College Scholars Program for 2020-2021. We look forward to working with you to support your academic goals.
(LACCD = Los Angeles Community College District - like LAUSD for community colleges)
NEW community college students:
1. Review the Step-by-Step directions for the online application HERE and the VAAS College Scholars 
2. Very important!!!
 ** #8 - Save your Username & Password. You will need for future applications. **
 **#11 - Take a screenshot, picture, or print your confirmation number.**
** You will receive your Student ID number by email from Student ID numbers may take up 24 hours to process. Check your spam.**
3. Complete this FORM with your new College ID (preferred) or confirmation number. 
CURRENT community college students (LA City, Mission, Pierce, Valley, any LACCD campus):
1. Login to your Canvas account.
2. Go to your Profile page to locate your student ID number.
3. Complete this FORM.
Need help with LA Community College enrollment?
VAAS College Scholars enrollment workshops 
- Wednesday, May 6, 6-7 pm
- Wednesday, May 13, 6-7 pm
Additional support provided by Ms. Barba, VAAS College Counselor. Please contact Ms. Petrossian if interested.
Contact Ms. Petrossian, Assistant Principal, at for more information.
2020-2021 VAAS College Scholars Application (Required)
The mission of the VAAS College Scholars Program is to supplement A-G classes by providing opportunities for rigorous college-level coursework, in partnership with Los Angeles Community College.
Fall 2020 Courses - American Sign Language 1 and Child Development 42. Students must enroll in both courses.
Online applications for 2020-2021 VAAS College Scholars Program due April 1st. 
How to apply:
1. Review the VAAS College Scholars PPT. Click here.
2. Carefully review the 2020-2021 VAAS College Scholars Agreement Form. Click here.
3. Submit online application by April 1st. Click here.
Contact Ms. Petrossian, Assistant Principal, at for more information.