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Return to Campus Family Guide and Hybrid/Online Program Selection Form

Los Angeles Unified School District and VAAS have been continuously planning for the possible return to on-campus learning. We of course will only return to campus in a hybrid model when County and State officials announce it is appropriate to do so. Please see the links for updated information on the District’s plans. In addition, please take this opportunity to select your preferred instructional choice, if and when we should return to school. Selections are due by December 6.  If you do not make a selection by December 6, your child will automatically be programmed for the hybrid model with both on campus and virtual instruction.
Links to the Return to Campus Family Guide:  
Instructions for Program Selection form:
Note: Program Selection form (due by December 6)    
Note 2: You will not see the selection options Hybrid/Online until AFTER you select a grade level for your student.   Once you select the grade level, the Hybrid/Online selection options will appear.