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Valley Academyof Arts & Sciences


The Viper Den

Sink your teeth in!
Welcome past, present, and future Vipers! It looks like you’ve slithered your way into the Viper Den. The Viper Den is created by students and for students to provide information and entertainment for our peers here at VAAS. In this safe space, you can find resources and answers to questions you may feel too intimidated (or lazy) to ask. This website is run by the passion and insight from various students that have had many different experiences at this school. We all have been there during freshman year- we have wondered what this tiny campus had to offer us. What sports could we play? What clubs could we take part in? How can we contribute to the school? Why is every classroom so cold? Well, if you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to ask them here and explore the Viper Den!
Here at VAAS, it’s easy to find a place to fit in. We are a school with a drive for embracing different cultures and identities, so there’s no shame in being true to yourself when you’re a Viper! There are many different outlets and opportunities for students to express their passions. We’re open to sports, robotics, theatre, dance, music, and student-led clubs. The school also allows students to be an active voice for their peers by having a leadership class, ASB elections, and the principal’s cabinet. With so many options, you’ll have plenty of room to grow with your community and have exposure to lots of fun and diverse ideas.
There are many exciting events happening on campus all throughout the year. These events help build our community as well as provide entertainment for the students and staff. We kick off the school year with Grease Movie Night, Club Rush, the Stonewall Studio 70’s dance, our annual Halloween Festival, Winter Formal, the Happening, and much more! These events are initiated and run by the Leadership class (AKA your fellow peers), and so you are assured that the student body and staff care for your thoughts and needs to ensure that you have a wonderful high school experience.
Along with extracurricular activities and entertainment, academics always remain a priority at this school. VAAS provides the opportunity for students to enrich themselves with classes that aren’t common anywhere else such as financial planning, AP environmental science, culinary chemistry, minority literature and even on-campus pierce college classes! With friendly teachers determined to encourage and support students on their way to a successful future, VAAS assures that its students receive a unique and beneficial form of education.
So why become a Viper? The answer lies within the student body. Many driven and passionate people walk onto campus everyday to further their academic achievement and to  embrace the school’s unique environment. VAAS is a school that is built by a strong foundation of unity in diversity, and there’s nothing better in a school than its ability to promote pride instead of prejudice. This website was made to allow students to promote school spirit and encourage prospective students to join our friendly Viper community. We hope you enjoy your stay here at the VAASome Viper Den!