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Orion Graphiti and OpenSCAD

Ken Perry and Mike Cheverie use the Orion Graphiti to "look" at objects composed on OpenSCAD, a CAD program for making 3D-printable objects. Ken Perry, who happens to be blind, is a software engineer for the American Printing House for the Blind. Ken asked Mike if he could make a dumbbell with cubes on the ends. Mike said yes. Ken hooked up his Graphiti to Mike's computer as Neal McKinzie, who also uses OpenSCAD to teach blind students, videos the interaction.

Need Braille Documents and Tactile Images? Please Send Them to Kim McCarty

If you need Braille documents and/or tactile images for the Braille-reading students in your classes, please send them to Kim McCarty, our Braillist. (And cc me!) Her email address is: [email protected].
If you have a pdf for conversion, please check first if you can copy and paste from the pdf into a MS Word document. If you can, please do so, and then email the document to Kim. If you can't, we will have to use other means to obtain the document for you. In that case, please email the document directly to me at [email protected].

GoFundMe Campaign for 3D Printer

A couple of days ago I started a GoFundMe campaign to acquire an Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer. This printer will allow me to make much more intricate and accurate 3D prints, of skeletal structures, biological organs, functioning models of machinery, etc. The reason is that this printer has two extruder heads, which means that support structures can be printed simultaneously with the actual model, but in a second material that is water soluble. Support structures are necessary because gravity causes drooping, which destroys otherwise great models. The campaign can be found here:

A Note to Students About "Classwork" in Comm Thru Tech

Classwork Assignments in Communication Through Technology include any work VI students work on and complete during the class period in which they meet with Mr. Cheverie.  The classwork grade is on a 10-point scale, 10 being great (!), and 1 being not so hot. If you come to class and work diligently, you will receive a 10. If you fool around or dither (look this word up, please), you will receive something less than a 10. Mr. Cheverie reserves the right to use his discretion in assigning a point value for any particular classwork assignment.