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Mr. Mike Cheverie » Useful Apps for Blind Students

Useful Apps for Blind Students

As I learn of iPad/iPhone apps that will be helpful to our blind students, I will post them to this page. 
  • Seeing AI: This app is available in the LAUSD App Catalog. The user of this app can take a picture of something: a person, a sign, a textbook page, a bar code on a product at a store, etc. Seeing AI will then tell the user about the item in the picture: in the case of a person, Seeing AI will tell the user the approximate age of the person in the picture, as well as the demeanor of the person's face (e.g., neutral, angry, happy); in the case of a sign, Seeing AI will read the text on the sign to the user; in the case of a textbook page, Seeing AI will read the page to the user (to do this, Seeing AI uses an Optical Character Recognition algorithm to identify and process the letters on the page - and the user should be able to save the OCR-processed document); in the case of the bar code, Seeing AI provides the user with information about the product or item tagged with the bar code. This app comes from Microsoft. Here is a link to Microsoft's page about Seeing AI: