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About Mr. Moran

As an educator, I believe that education is not simply about memorizing new information, but that it is actually about cultivating valuable skills that will prepare students for adulthood. Similarly, teaching is not just about the most effective techniques for making students memorize thousands of facts. Teaching is an art in which a teacher is able to motivate and engage students into wanting to learn. Nowadays, information is more accessible to students than ever before. With that being said, I believe that the new challenge in teaching is not about turning students into data storage units, but about how they can use all the information at their disposal to create a better world. I want students in my classroom to be able to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills because that is what is actually going to help them in the real world. Many of my students may not want to pursue a career in social studies, however, the research and analytical skills they develop in my class may serve them well in their advanced studies.
Student's learn in a variety of ways, I personally find it disheartening when students are labeled or forced to learn from one dimension or perspective. I think that students learn the best when they are approached from a variety of angles that helps them exercise all of their "learning muscles". Some students may be stronger in certain areas than others, but I believe that this approach keeps classes interesting and engaging. Although I know it's easy to promise now, I will try my best to address individual students according to their needs. My experience thus far also points me to believe that students prefer to learn in a positive environment. Rather than having them affiliate school with negative emotions of frustration and boredom, I want students to think of school as a place where people genuinely care for them and are actively looking out for their best interest. I want students to understand why we all need to learn, so that whenever they complete a task they can feel a true sense of accomplishment. Although this is a true challenge, I want my students to internalize that all the work they do during school is truly for their benefit, for them to feel joy as they learn.