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Mr. Patrick McMabell » Welcome!


Hello students, parents, and extended community! I am excited to be welcomed as part of the VAAS faculty, and I, in turn, wish to extend a warm welcome to all who visit this page. It is my goal to make these pages a reflection of the collaborative efforts between the students and myself. With that said, this page is a work in progress that will be revised ad infinitum ´╗┐to address the needs of all stakeholders of my classroom environment.
If you have found yourself navigating to this page, I am sure it was with the intention to know more about me, my expectations for students, and what we might be currently (un)covering of the many scientific phenomena that make science so intriguing. To fill you in on those bits of information (computer pun), please use the menu to the left to navigate to the "About Me," "Class Expectations and Syllabi," and the "Current Events" page, respectively.